How To: Monetizing a Content Brand with Physical Products

You’ve spent the last few months, or even years, building up a following of people who love your content. You have the opportunity to make money off this audience by monetizing your videos or music with physical products!

So what products should you sell? Our first tip is to create products that connect with why your fans love you. Here are some examples…

One of our clients has a unique blend of affirmational pop music and mermaid qualities. She has built an incredible oracle deck that her fans love because it helps them start every day with affirmation and love.

Another client creates a hunting docuseries on YouTube and they have a raving tribe of young millennial men who aspire to be ethical hunters and fill their family’s freezer. They sell the items they use in the field and their fans go crazy for them

Unique ideas like this can set you apart from the classic t-shirt and hats everyone else sells.

Then to sell your products, I am going to tell you the secret sauce… Focus first on getting them to watch more of your content then sell to them. Most people separate their products from their content or music but that’s a huge mistake. You can and should use the content your fans love first then sell them your products.

By doing this you’re focused first on what your fans love and then leading them to buy products because they love YOU not just to sell them more stuff.

So how do you decide what to sell? Well, that’s a whole other blog but here are some tips to get started:

The first step to creating a product your audience wants is to identify who you are targeting. Not everyone will be interested in the same thing, so it’s important to consider what interests them.

Next, create an outline of the different features and benefits that would make your product desirable for your target audience.

Finally, design a prototype or mock-up of what the final product might look like with those desired features and benefits included.

In conclusion, creating a product that your audience wants is the key to monetizing content.

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