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Jaime O’Connor - Founder & Head Strategist

Jaime O’Connor is a digital strategy nerd who is dedicated to helping brands understand their growth opportunities in the digital landscape. Her windy path to building Inspired Focus Digital has included starting and growing multiple ventures. Her entrepreneurial endeavors started with selling scrunchies in 4th grade and continued with a grocery delivery business (before Instacart was a thing), an e-commerce social enterprise, and an event operations company with national brand clients.

In addition to her own companies, she has also built marketing teams at venture-backed organizations and bootstrapped products brands that achieved 6x growth and 8 figure success. She has worked with major organizations like the NFL, NCAA, USA Cycling, influencers like Molly Mahoney and Karla Silver, and growing brands like the Pro Challenge, Silipint, Happy Hair Brush, and Sudara. She is on a mission to educate up-and-coming brands with the knowledge they need to level up and play in the professional arena.

Taylor Luthringer - Client Success & Strategy Director

Taylor Luthringer is a Client Success & Strategy Director who has experience in helping companies grow.

She loves being able to help clients achieve their goals and has had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands in her field. Taylor previously served as director of ecommerce at an 8 figure ecommerce brand where she helped the company grow from $1.5 million to equity sales, while also developing and implementing key strategies for top-level executives on product development, marketing, merchandising, pricing strategy and more.

Theresa Pantanella - Senior Ad Strategist & Media Buyer

Theresa Pantanella, Senior Ads Strategist & Media Buyer with over 15 years experience in media buying, copywriting and digital marketing strategy. Theresa has a passion for turning around the success of brands by delivering results that exceed expectations.

She has managed accounts across numerous industries including healthcare, financial services and retail. Theresa was also responsible for developing digital marketing strategies such as Facebook campaigns that have reached millions of people around the world.

Joan Obnamia - Creative Wizard & Assistant Project Manager

Joan Obnamia is a creative wizard who has been turning ads into marketing gold with Inspired Focus for over two years. She's an assistant project manager with a knack for creating beautiful graphics on the fly. Joan is also a certified Canva expert, which means she can turn any of our clients' brands into something magical in no time!

She also manages our team of marketing assistants who help make magic happen behind the scenes by preparing graphics and building campaigns.

Are You?

A Note From Our Founder…

If there is one thing I want in this world, it’s to see the people in my life (friends, family, clients, dogs…) thrive beyond their wildest dreams. Its what drives me and why I care about performance based results. 

After years of working as the client with agencies, I have experienced the range of them… The good, the bad, the ones with to many clients, the ones who sold us on their skills yet had none… And I was over it.

I was done relying on others and their lack of strategy, so I dug in.

I learned from the best and innovated on ideas that were working and learned from strategies that failed.

As someone who has over 12 years on the client side, I know the type of performance that should be expected. And it’s time to change the lip service Marketing Managers and Directors get without results. 

And now I want to help you. Let’s grow your business together. 

Lets find the magic in your brand that sells & creates impact

-Jaime O’Connor
Founder + Strategy Nerd